Sheila diligently crafted the itinerary and arranged transportation for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica, marking her fourth time organizing such an adventure. While all destinations are fresh to us, save for our previous visit to Finca Rosa Blanca in 2018. 
Given Sheila's recent double hip surgery and Wei's double knee replacements, this trip presents a formidable challenge for those unaware. Here, we outline some of the obstacles encountered along the way.
This was our first stop upon arrival.
Rescate Wildlife Rescue Centre is the best place to learn about wildlife in Costa Rica.
Upon our arrival at Arenal Manoa, we were greeted with three consecutive days of rain. Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip, as numerous birds assembled right in front of Restaurant La Saca dining area.
We were thrilled with our stay here. Beyond Costa Rica, you can find the Xandari chain of resorts in Kerala, including Thekkady, Allepey, and Kochi, India.
For a change of scenery, we stayed a night on the Pacific coast.
A short trip from the coast took us to Cerro Lodge where we saw many birds including the Scarlet Macaws having an early breakfast.
It was delightful to return to this beautiful resort.
It was time to transition back to city life. The National Theatre and the National Museums provided ideal settings for this transition.

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