Sheila and Wei left Edmonton in mid-December 2018 on an arduous 40-hour journey to Africa. 
A demand for vulture parts in witchcraft, as well as poisoning and urbanization, has caused a nearly 90 percent decline in the scavengers' populations. We attended the Vulture Culture Experience at Victoria Falls to learn what is being done to prevent the extinction of this species.
Timing is everything and obviously, we went there during the dry season! It was more of a geological survey of the landscape!
BIRDS GALORE! Over 120 species of birds were photographed without leaving the 6-seater land cruiser. The birds simply fly by. You wouldn't want to step out of the vehicle and become dinner for a lot of predators.
Our guide Lemme brought us very close to the predators, just 4 metres from the Lion King.
Mama giraffe running after junior was motion captured.

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