It has been 20 years since we were in China. Finally, I found time to assemble photos from that trip. Unfortunately, these are scans from film negatives and prints. In our present digital age, these are not high-quality images. Nevertheless, the experience is worth sharing.
The Olympic Design Conference invitation to Beijing became the impetus for us to travel and experience China.

Being part of the Olympic family has certain privileges like staying in the best hotel in Beijing, skipping lines in overcrowded attractions, and having sumptuous dining in high-profile destinations.
Sheila booked a 4-day river cruise along the Yangtze River.
It took us 12 hours by bus, plane, bus, and taxi to arrive in Xi'an from Yichang (650km)!
At the airport in Xi'an, Sheila did not disclose where we were going next. You would think I could read the destination and figure out where it is. Well, I have never heard of Dunhuang! What a pleasant surprise!

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