Sheila and I flew to Iguazú Falls to spend a few days exploring this magnificent wonder before the start of our South American cruise in February 2020. From the Falls, we flew to Buenos Aires where we met up with Sheila’s siblings, Jane and Stuart, and their spouses, Rob and Wendy. Together we embarked on the Viking Jupiter, sailing from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso, Chile.
This map shows our cruise itinerary from Tango's birthplace all the way around to the vibrant cities of Valparaiso and Santiago. We visited Montevideo, the Falklands, home to over a million penguins, and scenic Ushuaia at the “End of the World”. Rounding the Horn, we sailed through the Strait of Magellan, passing rugged mountain peaks and blue-tinted icebergs. Absolutely unforgettable scenery!
Ten years earlier, Sheila and I cruised here.
We were enthralled seeing the Albatross for the first time. What graceful birds!

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