To ring in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in 2023, Wei and Sheila, her siblings Jane and Stuart, and their spouses Rob and Wendy, flew to Panama to embark on an exciting cruise from Panama to Miami. The trip promised to be a memorable one, filled with adventure and new experiences. We were eager to set sail and see where the journey would take us.
We spent a week in Panama City and the Gamboa RainForest Reserve before the cruise.
In Panama City, we stayed in this Westin Hotel, right in front of the Pacific Ocean beach.
Just 30 minutes from Panama City on 340 acres overlooking the Panama Canal, Gamboa Rainforest Reserve was our next stop before the cruise.
The Panama Canal was one of the biggest time savers, with over 5 months of travel time. More than 14,000 ships make the 82 km trip through the canal each year.

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